All research applications must be submitted through the National Medical Research Register (NMRR) at . The Principal Applicant must submit online the detailed research proposal or research. Each application should cover only one proposed project.


National Institutes Of Health (NIH) Guidelines for Conducting Research in the MOH Institutions and Facilities

The MOH policy on research, as specified in the guideline, requires:

  • Registration of all research that involves MOH personnel OR that is to be conducted in MOH facility OR to be funded by the MOH research grant
  • Review & approval of the research by a designated entity to whom authority has been delegated for the purpose
  • Research involving human subjectsrequires prior review and approval by the Medical Research and Ethics Committee (MREC)
  • Approval of all research publications, whether in the form of research report, journal article or conference proceeding, by the NIH initially and thereafter by the Director General of Health Malaysia
  • Approval of all research presentations (oral and poster) must be obtained from the Director General of Health Malaysia